The Corporate Talent War - A search for the best and the brightest minds
The IT industry is booming. The opportunities it poses are immense. The potential that can be achieved is boundless. The prospects are huge. To drive all of this will be talent. Talent - the boundless, seamless, growing potential that will take the IT industry forward.

The reality is that organizations, globally, are facing a severe shortage of skilled IT manpower. According to McKinsey & Co., the most critical resource to companies in the coming years will be talent. NASSCOM estimates that India currently holds 28% of the world's IT offshoring and this is set to increase to 50% by 2015.

End-to-end talent management services from NexWave to bridge the 'demand-supply' gap.
The gap between the demand of talent from the industry and the availability is widening. In time, there will be serious dearth of talent to sustain the growth of the IT industry.

At NexWave, we offer a one-time long-term solution where you can bank on us to keep you clear of it. At NexWave, we offer comprehensive corporate training programs to align fresh graduates (or campus-hires in your company) with the needs of the industry. Our programs are designed with a unique blend of the best practices from the IT industry and a balance of soft skills. They transform fresh graduates into industry-ready IT professionals.

Benefit with NexWave
You get the right kind of candidates for the projects at hand in much less time at a far lesser cost, leaving your talent acquisition to us. In addition to bringing down your recruitment and training expenses, you can concentrate on what you do best.

We offer to be your one stop talent resource with the capability to do off-campus and on-campus drives, providing you with the talent you need, well trained and ready to go from the start. We have connections with many institutes to get you the best of the lot. We train your present candidates as well, making them industry ready, taking that load and cost off your shoulders. We are your one point talent source.

Tailor-made corporate training solutions to suit your organization's needs
NexWave has been ensuring quality rened talent to top notch corporate firms including Accenture, TCS & Wipro. With on-the-ground understanding and experience that we have gained, we understand your requirements better than anyone else. We can customize them, perfectly for you, filling the exact need of your organization. Also focusing on the abilities of the students to adapt to the industry environment, our faculty has a strong industry background, coming with their extensive experience in the industry. This allows them to imbibe in their training techniques, methods by which the students can adjust easily into the industry environment. This helps the students deal with work pressure, work habits and the active challenges of the industry that enable them to cope with them and be constant performers, simultaneously.

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