Finishing School - bridging the industry gap through innovative programs and providing project-ready skilled resources to IT companies.

Once out of college, knowledge in hand is not the perfect picture that excites your ideal employer. A college degree doesn't really leave you industry ready. To be up where you want to see your career, you need to be able to take that knowledge and apply it so that you are on the list of your ideal employer. This gives you the edge in the industry, and makes you truly an industry ready professional.

At NexWave, we make you exactly that - 100% industry ready. You get the upper hand with a good knowledge of software fundamentals, technical know-how, interaction workshops with industry experts, project exposure, workshops on software development life cycle & professional practice, social poise & etiquette, behavior & savvy conversation - making you all ready for the major IT companies.

Also focusing on the abilities of the students to adapt to the industry environment, our faculty has a strong industry background, coming with their extensive experience in the industry. This allows them to imbibe in their training techniques, methods by which the students can adjust easily into the industry environment. This helps the students deal with work pressure, work habits and the active challenges of the industry that enable them to cope with them and be constant performers, simultaneously.

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